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Upgrade Your Garage With Compressed Air Tools

These are the ones in our garage. By Ben Wojdyla Vertical compressors save floor space and can plumb into a permanent shop air system. Buy the right size unit, though; nothing's worse than a compressor constantly buzzing away while you work. Nick Ferrari July 12, 2012 4:00 PM Text Size: A . A . A You can tell by the extent of a car guy's air system when he's gone from hobbyist to automotive mental patient. For grease monkeys the world over, air tools elicit envyand for good reason.
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One of the items was a simple three-inch wrench that attracted widespread publicity two years ago when itsprice, $9,609, was disclosed at a Congressional hearing. Most of the items were intended to equip the Air Force so that its supply depots could take over the job of repairing Westinghouse radar antennas instead of relying on the contractor to make repairs. Among the practices questioned by the investigators were these: * Westinghouse submitted design and engineering bills for several tools it had already developed and manufactured under an earlier Government contract. The only apparent difference was the part numbers, the report said. The report said Westinghouse had explained that the earlier parts had not been made to Air Force specifications. * At General Dynamics's recommendation, the Air Force agreed to pay for three Westinghouse tools that Westinghouse did not use in its own radar repair work. One, a $163,843 ''vacuum/ heat maintenance stand,'' was stored unused by the Air Force a year after delivery because the service was never sent instructions on how to use it. * Westinghouse recorded 63 hours of engineering effort for an antenna motor alignment pin so simple that Air Force technicians were able to make acceptable substitutes in minutes by cutting two-inch lengths of common wire.
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North Lanarkshire air quality learning tool launched

Councillors Jim Logue and Helen McKenna with pupils from St Timothy The online learning tool features hand-on activities to help children understand how their actions affect the air they breathe. Councillors Jim Logue and Helen McKenna with pupils from St Timothys Primary School in Coatbridge And, according to the council, it contributes to the People, Place and the Environment element of the Curriculum for Excellence for primary 5 to 7 pupils, as well as the Eco Schools Award Scheme. Using the tool, children are taught about the history of air pollution, the major pollutants, measurement and monitoring in the UK and the rest of the world, as well as the impact of air pollution now and in the future. The package has been piloted in three schools Baird Memorial in Cumbernauld, Calderbridge in Coltness and St Timothys in Coatbridge and will now be rolled out to all primary schools in North Lanarkshire, the council said. Designed as part of the councils Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP), the council received a 10,000 grant from the Scottish Governments AQAP grant to help develop the package. Councillor Helen McKenna, convener of the environmental services committee, said: Air quality is important to us all and, with increasing levels of pollution globally, we need to be aware of its impact and what we can do to improve it. This new package gets that message to the next generation through our primary schools, encouraging children to be responsible citizens of the future. This is an excellent example of the work being carried out by the council through our Air Quality Action Plan. Councillor Jim Logue, convener of the learning and leisure services committee, said: Children are very aware of environmental issues so this education package will be of real interest. He added: Feedback from the pilot has been positive from both pupils and teachers, and the interactive format uses activities to develop pupils knowledge of the subject and make it relevant to their lives.
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