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Upgrade Your Garage With Compressed Air Tools

Air-Powered Saw uses quick-clamp assembly.

A . A You can tell by the extent of a car guy's air system when he's gone from hobbyist to automotive mental patient. For grease monkeys the world over, air tools elicit envyand for good reason. Their speed and power make car work dramatically easier and put more projects within reach. With a properly sized shop air system, cutting, grinding, polishing, painting, sanding, inflating, and even cleaning up take less time and sweat. Assembling a system for yourself can be a little daunting because there's no shortage of lingo and fiddly components.
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HOME CLINIC; The Merits of Air-Powered Tools

However, its important to take into account the altitude at which the compressor will be operated. The air is thinner at higher elevations and, as a consequence, the reduced air pressure affects how the engine runs and how much air pressure is produced, says Youngblood. The higher the elevation, the more the unit will need to be oversized for the same application, confirms Camber. Ambient air pressure is reduced by one-half psi for every 1,000 ft. in elevation. Pressure considerations Tools are designed with an operating pressure in mind (typically 90 psig). Many tool manufacturers make an effort to size their tools to be easily interchangeable at a site. To avoid damaging the tool, dont exceed these levels. A tool is designed to operate at a certain pressure with a certain volume, says Camber.
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The PanelHOG Quick-Clamp Assembly features wedge-style clamps and a track that comes in 5 to 15 ft. sections and accepts the APS-438 Air Powered Saw for making perfectly straight cuts without tack welding tabs and hot spots. Providing a cut-line indicator gauge to simplify setup and alignment, the rigid clamping bracket can easily be adjusted for all types of boiler tube panel sections and the saw can cut highly alloyed materials up to 4a thick. Permitting clean, straight cuts with no rework prior to end prepping, the APS-438 Air Powered Saw operates on 90 psi air, features a 3 HP pneumatic motor, and uses fiberglass reinforced cutting blades. The PanelHOG Quick-Clamp Assembly has a 2a W steel track, a bracket for mounting the saw which has four grooved steel wheels, and glides effortlessly along the track. The PanelHOG Quick-Clamp Assembly is priced from $ 750.00(list), depending upon length and the APS-438 Air Powered Saw sells for $4,995.00 and is available for rent in the continental USA. For more information contact: A Unit of Esco Technologies, Inc. Matthew Brennan, Marketing Director 50 Park St.
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Don't Be Up in the Air on Compressor Sizing

hh-construc-site-with-xas-185_11240550.psd Nailers capable of driving galvanized roofing nails or wide-crown roofing staples are also available. For heavy-duty nailing, it's important to use a large compressor with either a 3/8-inch- or 1/2-inch-diameter connecting hose. If you use the smaller 1/4-inch hose, you'll find that the nailer will not drive a nail each time you pull the trigger. Instead there will be a momentary lapse while the compressor charges the air reservoir in the tool. Another air powered tool is the impact wrench. Auto mechanics use them because they drive nuts and bolts quickly, and because they can deliver enough torque to loosen rusted nuts. They also have applications in carpentry. They can be very useful if you have to bolt a deck together or bolt new framing to an existing structure.
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